Rwenjeru Agro-tourism, Demonstration and Training farm has a rich curriculum that focuses on developing positive attitudes towards agriculture as a sustainable business and emphasizing it as productive way of earning a living. The curriculum is designed for training interest groups in modern methods of farming both on a small scale and large scale to increase productivity, quality and quantity of agricultural produce. The curriculum includes the following; Agribusiness; record keeping, business model canvas, construction, fish farming, recycling and waste product processing for organic manure, silage and hay preparation among others.

Training And Learning:

  • Cattle Feeding and Feeds Processing, Packing and Marketing
  • Agriculture production and Farm Management
  • Food additives and mixing
  • Mixed Farming Experiences
  • Herbicides and their Applications
  • Diseases and Pest Control
  • Dip and spraying Methods
  • Utilisation of organic Fertilizers
  • Harvesting and Post
  • Harvest Handling Land preparation and Estate Management
  • Branding and Blending.
  • Skills in modern Farming for the Youth and School going Children.
  • Record Keeping and Finances
  • Training in affordable easy to use Irrigation Methods.
  • Value addition, Farm Planning and Monitoring.